Meet Dr. Miller

Dr. Laura Miller

A Georgetown University graduate, Dr. Miller has enjoyed over 30 years of private practice, with an emphasis on an individualized approach to comprehensive care. Utilizing the latest techniques, from same day crowns to invisible braces.

Dr. Miller really enjoys seeing her patients smile! Dr. Miller has enjoyed speaking engagements as well as publishing multiple papers in medical journals; two of her interests include treating sleep apnea and patients with TMJ. Sleep apnea patients of many kinds can be treated with a dental device that frees them from a lifetime of CPAP wear, and in very severe cases benefit from the use of both.

Dr. Millers’ office will help if you are only starting your journey to better sleep, or if you just are ready to enjoy the freedom of leaving your CPAP behind. Imagine sleeping well, and silently! On an airplane? This is not a dream, we make it a reality every day.  Another area of expertise involves patients with jaw pain and clicking. Waking up with headaches can be cured by a trained dental team.

We’d be delighted to show you a way to wake up feeling pain free and rested. Whether you have just the need for routine care or a more complex problem, you will be sure to get the best advice and information in the latest technologies. From the straightforward to the complex, our team offers solutions for today’s patients.


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